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CCTV for commercial premises

Commercial CCTV is noted for its effectiveness in deterring burglary, vandalism, trespassing and general crimes off from your business. Whether or not your business involves storing high-end products, large volumes of cash or valuable items, keeping up a high level of safety and security within your properties is very important. 

More than often, offenders are discouraged from committing crimes with the mere sight of a CCTV camera and even if a crime is committed, the CCTV can record it as it happens. The captured footage can serve as evidence and aid in catching the criminal. 

The Benefits of Commercial CCTV

If used optimally, the advantages of CCTV for commercial unit go beyond asset protection and footage capturing. 

Safety and Protection. As we have mentioned earlier, commercial CCTV is great for deterring potential criminals. If given the choice to unlawfully enter a business property with CCTV cameras and another without, they would more than likely choose the one with lax security measures. The business with CCTV cameras would likely make them think twice because they wouldn’t want to be captured on film and tried for their crimes. 

Although most cases deterred by CCTV are theft, other crimes like criminal causing or vandalism to your property can be reduced by simply mounting a security camera in highly visible areas. 

Crime Prevention. If you own a shop, a major thing you have to look for is theft from shoplifters and sometimes, your very own employees. Whoever does the deed, one thing is for sure: theft is going to give you a significant amount of financial loss. 

To manage and prevent this from happening to your business, installing security cameras in vital locations of your business is sometimes enough to keep offenders from realising their criminal plan. Most of the time, offenders will think twice when a CCTV camera is around and your staff will gain peace of mind thinking that they themselves, and your business, is somewhat protected by its surveillance capacity. 

In some cases, employees can do the dirty deed of property theft within your business. To deter them from doing that, you can install CCTV cameras both inside and out your business premises, especially near the till and stock rooms. This is one way of protecting your assets and making sure everything is running smoothly as it should be. 

Aside from protecting you against possible theft, violence and vandalism, you can use your CCTV cameras to protect you against false insurance, misconduct and personal injury claims. 

Create a Safe and Healthier Work Environment. As a business owner it is important to protect one of your best business assets: your employees. In areas of your business where your employees need to deal with members of the general public, altercations and physical attacks can pose a serious problem. 

To reassure your employees and protect them against these types of harassment, CCTV camera installation could help reduce the likelihood of them being exposed to aggressive behaviour. If your employee is working on their own, they will feel more secure in their role as long as the commercial unit cameras are working well. 

If your business is involved in manufacturing and industrial aspects, if any untoward incident would happen within your premises, the captured footage can be used as a tool to review what caused the accident and how you can prevent it from happening in the future. It can also be used as an educational tool for your employees, perhaps a collection of things that your employees need to be aware of so that they can minimise the likelihood of another accident from happening in the workplace. 

Where to Install CCTV for your Commercial Unit

The area of installation is vital in ensuring the effectiveness of the CCTV cameras as crime deterrents. The location will also depend on a lot of factors, which is not limited to the size of your business premises, the main goal of installing the security system and the budget you have allocated for it. There is no single installation approach that is applicable to all businesses. It should be bespoke. You can take guidance on where cameras should be placed, how many cameras need to be installed and what resolution the cameras should be set for. 

Primarily, businesses should install cameras on all entrance and exit points within their premises. If your budget allows for it, the CCTV surveillance should cover the perimeter areas, especially the blind spots of your property. If this is currently not feasible, just make sure important areas like doors and windows are covered by the surveillance system. Other key areas to take note of are cash registers, storage areas, showrooms and shop aisles.

It is a good investment to have your security system installed by security experts. Your business has specific requirements and the security experts can tailor various technology to fit your budget and security needs. They can inspect your premises and determine which areas will benefit the most, ensuring that your budget will get the greatest possible scope it can accommodate. For instance, installing burglar alarms can deter intruders off your property and a comprehensive CCTV system can monitor your property 24/7. 

As soon as your security system is in place, you can monitor your premises whenever you want, through remote viewing. If your security system is integrated with the other measures installed in your premises like access controls and intruder alarms, you can set it to notify you and other authorised persons whenever unlawful entry or unlikely events are occurring. As soon as you are notified, you can check the CCTV live footage and verify the situation and decide on the next appropriate course of action to take. 

If you are looking for cost-effective security solutions and you are based in Swindon and the surrounding areas, you can rely on FSR Security. Secure your commercial property against unauthorised access by choosing high quality intruder alarms, CCTV and access control systems. To get a quote, contact FSR Security on 01793 936 904 or 07446 875 664 today!

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