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Cost-effective security solutions

When it comes to home security you really can’t afford to cut corners. Your home is your castle and in order to protect it, you will need to invest in equipment. That being said, however, there are measures that you can take that don’t have to cost the earth. We have a range of intruder alarms, for instance, to suit every budget. Each one is designed to provide the peace of mind that you need. We’ll look at why you should invest and why, really, you can’t afford not to consider security solutions for your home. 

Higher security = lower premiums

Firstly, installing a security system could actually save you money in the long term. There will always be that initial investment but having a system installed could help you cut your home insurance premiums. When calculating premiums, most insurance companies take into account the home security system that you have and will offer a discount based on the reduced likelihood that your home will be broken into. In the long run, you could not only recoup your investment but you could also save even more money.

Avoid out-of-pocket costs

You also have to think about what would happen if you were broken into. Your home insurance would payout for most of the damage and loss of property but there will always be an excess to pay and it is also extremely likely that your premiums will increase as a result. Plus, you will be out of pocket until the insurance company pays out. All this will come at a time that you haven’t planned for and most probably when you can least afford it. It makes sense to reduce the chances of this happening by installing a home security system when you have the money. If you are interested in protecting your home, contact us today. We are more than happy to talk through our range of intruder alarms with you. We are sure that we will have something that meets both your security needs and budget.

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