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Dark Nights are Closing In – Stay Safe


Taking extra precaution is something that we should take into consideration no matter what season of the year it is.

Did you know that house break-in rates usually increase during the winter months? Which is why you should take control of your home safety and security.

The holiday season is just around the corner and everybody is rushing to prepare their homes for this special occasion. Most of the time, the last thing on our minds is preparing safety measures for our homes. Keeping our loved ones warm and safe during winter should be a top priority.

How can we make this happen? Let’s explore some of the risks that winter may bring and the appropriate security tips that can address them.




Winter Home Maintenance


It is better to make preparations even before a problem may arise. As well as checking your home is winter ready, such as checking roof tiles in readiness for bad weather, making sure your piping is intact and that your heating system is on top form to keep you warm in the colder months, you should also make sure your home is safe and secure.

If you have a garage, make sure that the lock is sturdy and secure and all windows are locked with the keys removed. Burglars are always looking for ways to easily access your home and one of the points they can go through is your garage door or windows. A lot of homeowners take this area of their house for granted.

How to Protect Your Home from Burglars

As we have mentioned earlier, home burglaries tend to increase during winter. A lot of burglars take advantage of the fact that some homeowners are spending their holidays in countries with warmer climates or maybe working longing hours to get on top of their workload for Christmas. Add the fact that dark nights are closing in, your home becomes a potential target.

Aside from experiencing financial loss, burglaries also cause a lot of distress to the poor families that are affected. Just knowing that the privacy and safety of your home have been compromised is enough to make you worry. Along with having their belongings stolen, that may hold a lot of sentimental value.

To prevent this potentially emotional and stressful event from happening to you, take the time to follow these security tips:

  • Lock all potential entrance points. Although this security measure is easy and simple, a lot of homeowners forget to do this regularly. Before going to sleep or going outside your home, take the time to inspect all doors and windows and see if they are locked securely. Don’t forget the windows on the upper floor. If manually locking your doors seems burdensome to you, consider installing smart locks all over your home. The smart devices enable you to lock your home using a smartphone and eliminate the need for locks and keys. Smart locks are also capable of monitoring every person that comes in and out through the door by accessing the activity log or by adjusting the settings and allowing it to inform you in real-time. You can give your family members different codes to access the door, including your guests. You can also customise your smart locks to inform you if someone is tampering with it.
  • Keep your valuables safe. If you have jewellery and other valuables at home, it is advisable to keep them inside a safe. A lot of insurance companies encourage their clients to carry out this safety measure.
  • Let there be light. Burglars love the cover of darkness. To deter them from entering your home, keep your property well-lit. If you are going on a holiday or arriving home late at night it is wise to invest in time-switch lights that automatically turn on when it turns dark outside. You can also invest in smart lights. Just like smart locks, these devices will allow you to control your lights through your smartphone no matter where you are in the world. You can also install motion-activated lights which turn on when movement is detected. Every time the lights turn on, you can be alerted that someone is moving in your property. These will also deter the burglars from trying to sneak into your house. If you have a spacious property, install it with floodlights so your front yard, backyard and entryways are well illuminated at night.
  • Add a CCTV and intruder alarm system. In addition to smart locks and smart lights, installing a smart security system makes perfect sense. By monitoring your property and securing it against unauthorised access, you can protect your home from a potential burglary. This is made possible by choosing high-quality CCTV and intruder alarms. By using this system, you’ll be in full control of your house from anywhere.

If you want to know more about protecting your home from burglars during the winter, get in touch with the security experts at FSR Security, We can offer you burglar systems that are highly effective in deterring intruders off your property, as well as a comprehensive CCTV system that can monitor your property 24/7.

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