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Does your commercial building have the correct security?

Whether your commercial building is in use or vacant, it is vitally important to ensure that it has the correct security. Let’s take a look at the ways you can improve your premises’ security in order to keep out potential intruders.
1 – Do a risk assessment of your property to identify any weak areas that can be better secured.
2 – Identify all of the possible entry points to the premises. Ensure the doors and windows are robust and fitted with secure locks. Always check that they are locked when the property is empty.
3 – If the property has surrounding grounds or car parks, keep the perimeter safe by using security lighting along with fencing.
4 – Prevent break-ins by having visible CCTV and alarms. As well as aiding prevention, CCTV can help identify the intruder. Also, be sure to regularly change the codes.
5 – Advertise your security. If CCTV and alarms aren’t obvious, put up easily-seen signs on the perimeter or walls that make people aware that you have them installed.
6 – Have somebody responsible for regular checks of your security infrastructure. Ensure that windows and doors remain intact and that CCTV and alarms are still working properly. 
7 – Maintain a discreet awareness of which staff and visitors are on-site. Use a signing in and out procedure to help prevent unwanted visitors. Make use of access controls solutions such as ID/biometric access and visitor management systems.
8 – Keep any loose, expensive equipment in secure places when not in use. Technology, money and IT equipment should be put away in a locked place so any intruders or visitors can’t swipe it.
9 – Be prepared for the worst scenario. Keep an inventory and photo evidence of all of your valuable assets so that you can more easily process any insurance claims in the aftermath of damage or theft.
At FSR Security, we can help you secure your commercial building with a comprehensive CCTV system and a choice of effective intruder alarms. Not only that, but we can provide you with a highly effective access control system suitable for your premises.

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