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Home Security Through the Years

The evolution of home security has been a very interesting one. We have come so far from padlocks, deadbolt locks and simple control panels. We now live in an era in which high-tech home security gadgets are on every homeowner’s wish list or an essential part of the home interior and exterior design.

As mind-boggling as they may sound, modern home security systems are not just a product of the technological advancements of recent years. They are a result of the groundwork laid that was by the inventors of early smart security systems many decades ago. 

To fully appreciate the evolution of home security, we should take a look at the past from where it all began. 

How Home Security Started

After the first World War, there was a significant increase in the number of crimes. In reaction to this, homeowners became aware of the importance of improving their home security. They were looking for new ways to protect their loved ones and their property. This brought about the invention of the first home security systems. 

When the alarm system was invented, it was eagerly accepted by many, so much so that several insurance companies started to offer exceptional discounts to alarm system subscribers. This can be attributed to the increase in consumer demand for alarm systems. 

Back then, homeowners install their home alarm system using a bell and electromagnetic connections powered by batteries and fastened securely in windows and doors. This type of alarm system was connected to the police station. Whenever the alarm is activated, police will be sent to the residence to check out what is happening.

Nowadays, modern homeowners have the benefit of using highly advanced automated security systems. To activate the home security system, homeowners only need to log in to their home security account to enable all security devices and check the status of their loved ones and properties. This advancement in smart tech and home security allows homeowners to remotely lock their door, mobilise their security systems, adjust the thermostat, or even open the curtains with the click of a button!

Home Security and Video Surveillance

Before the 1970s, the concept of video surveillance was considered eerie. One of the earliest home surveillance prototypes involved a large power-driven camera with the capacity to move and inspect the exterior of any property through peepholes firmly fixed on the front door. 

The images from this video system were grainy. Everything that the camera captured was sent to the television monitor which also serves as a control panel, enabling the homeowner to have control over the camera’s movements.   

The control panel was usually installed in a separate room inside the home. Aside from the television monitor, the control panel was also equipped with various home security features like such as an alarm button that could warn the police station of a possible break-in, a switch that can control the door lock and an intercom that will allow homeowners to talk with visitors.

Modern-day surveillance cameras now come in various sizes and shapes. Several models can be connected to the internet and even have powerful lenses that can capture and stream images with high definition no matter where you are in the world. If these surveillance cameras are connected to a smart home grid, homeowners can program their home security system to start recording a video if motion is detected within the property, send a notification on your smartphone and inform the proper authorities about this unauthorized entry. 

Home Security and Fire Alarms

Commercial fire alarms did not come into existence until the 1970s. Its installation in domestic and commercial properties has been attributed to the dramatic decrease of fire-related deaths during the 70s and 80s.

Present-day fire alarms now utilize ionization and photoelectric sensors to detect exploding and smoking fires. It is also capable of alerting other occupants that a fire is happening within the property.

Just like other security solutions, smoke and fire alarms can now be connected to the internet and homeowners can now remotely check the battery life and status of their alarms just by using their handheld devices. This is very helpful in cases when there is a false alarm or when you need to inform someone of the exact location of the fire. 

These developments have enabled home and business owners to keep an eye on their loved ones and properties even while they’re away. A new frontier in security has been reached and the possibilities of advancement are still endless. Just imagine what developments would homeowners enjoy 100 years from now?

Nowadays, installing a security system is no longer just a desire, it is a necessity! Our modern homes are filled with laptops, personal computers, smartphones, home entertainment systems and other expensive appliances. It is not enough to keep them all locked up inside our homes with a padlock. 

Protecting your family and investments should be your priority. You do not have to think hard over it because modern-day home security systems are simple and easy. No matter what your budget is, there is surely a home security system that will fit your price point. 

If you have not taken any steps to safeguard your family or home just yet, take action now before it is too late. No matter how big or small your home is, you can always rely on security professionals to source high-quality security products and install them in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. 

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