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How can I keep an eye on my property when I’m away?

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We all deserve to have a break every once in a while but while you are away, how can you keep the thieves at bay? So that you can enjoy your holiday to the full extent, you need to take extra precaution and preparation to make sure that your property is safe. 

It is advisable not to post pictures of your holiday until you get back home. This might give thieves an idea that nobody is at home. You can also ask your neighbours to keep an eye on your property. If you have automatic lights installed, schedule it to turn on and off at regular intervals so it would seem that somebody is at home. As always, all valuables must be kept from plain view or locked in a safe.

If you want a more thorough preparation, read on and take note at these tips.

Going away this summer?

Consult with the professionals. You speak with a security expert to take a look at your property and give you advice on how to fortify weak areas in your house. 

Defend your doors. These are usually the main points of entry for intruders. Make sure you invest in a door made of solid wood or metal. Hollow doors are very easy to kick in and destroy so go for the solid-core types as much as possible. 

You can install additional security features like peepholes, door reinforcement plates, door jamb reinforcement provisions, strike plates, deadbolts and smart locks. If you have sliding doors, secure them further by adding foot locks, floor bolts, or safety bars. Adding a CCTV camera would likely deter thieves from trespassing your space too. 

Fortify your windows. Aside from your doors, your windows can serve as an entry point for intruders. It is a good habit to lock your windows before going to bed but sometimes it isn’t enough. 

Hanging curtains on your windows can provide you privacy and keep your valuables out of sight from burglars. Window sensors can be installed to send an alarm whenever the window breaks. Partially open windows can be installed with pin locks. If possible, use safety glass for small windows and grow thorny or prickly plants right beneath windows from the upper floors. 

Guard your garage. Garage doors are usually not as tough as your main door. Burglars can kick, or lift their way in if your garage door is weak. Always keep it down when not in use and make sure that the latch and interior door is locked. 

Smart garage doors can automatically open and close your garage doors whenever needed. If you are going away on a holiday, you can unplug it and lock the garage doors manually so burglars cannot open it. 

Defend other points of entry. Aside from doors and windows, other areas in your house can serve as points of entry for intruders too. 

Cars are also a common target for burglars. In some cases, they can crash a car into a house so they can get inside. If you are going on a holiday, park your car inside your garage. Close all windows, activate the locks and do not leave your valuables inside it. 

Hide your keys properly. Don’t put it under the doormat, potted plant or fake rock, not even inside your mailbox! It is better to leave it in a lockbox hidden away. 

Keep your garden clean and well-lit. Trees, shrubs and dark areas can serve as potential hiding places for thieves. To ward them off, you can build a gate and fence around your property. You can use a padlock to secure it. You can also install automatic lights and motion sensors, especially along paths and dark corners of your property. 

Replace old locks. If you are renting a flat or planning to move houses, make sure to replace old locks because previous homeowners and renters might still have the keys to the old locks.

Put your valuables inside a safe. Put your money, important documents, jewellery and other valuables inside a safe. Portable types can be carried by thieves so if possible, go for the types that can be bolted on the floor or the wall.  

Keep everyone on the same page. If the entire family is going on a holiday, every member must be familiar with the plan you are planning to implement and the alarm system installed in your home. Teach the younger members of the family not to allow strangers inside the house and the importance of locking the windows and doors before sleeping or going outside. 

Secure your Wi-Fi. This is very important if you have a ‘smart home’. Some aspects of home automation require internet connection and access to a smartphone. To protect your home from potential hackers, it is advisable to set up a firewall, set up your Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 or WPA2, install the latest antivirus software, use a discreet name for your Wi-Fi network and use complicated passwords or passphrases. 

Install cost-effective security solutions. Some security systems are expensive but a lot of companies offer economical options as well. Security packages may include CCTVs, intruder alarms and access controls. As soon as these systems are already installed in your home, you can keep an eye on your property using your smartphone or laptop. Isn’t that savvy?

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Now that you are aware of the importance of installing security solutions, choosing the right company to work with is a very crucial task. So that you can have peace of mind while going on a holiday, choose a home and commercial security company that can offer the following:

  • Customer remote monitoring. The security company must be capable of CCTV installation and repairs. Their remote systems should allow you to view your property online through your smartphone or tablet. So while you’re sipping some cocktail drinks at the beach, you can check out your home conveniently on your iPhone. 
  • Practical and affordable security solutions. The security company must be able to offer and install high quality products that follow strict manufacturers’ guidelines. Their security professionals must be able to cater your needs no matter how small or big your property is: whether you need fire alarms, access control systems, CCTVs, intruder alarms, surveillance systems, remote monitoring or other security solutions. 
  • Maintenance plans. Having a CCTV and intruder alarms installed isn’t enough. It must be properly maintained too. The security company must be able to offer you maintenance plans at great prices.

If you can’t wait to go on a holiday, give the guys at FSR Security a call on 01793 936 904 or 07446 875 664. Their security specialists can discuss your exact security needs. They are available 7 days a week too!

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