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How Security Systems Can Keep Your Wiltshire Premises Safe Wherever You May Be

CCTV systems are a great way to keep your home or business safe. They can be used for everything from identifying intruders, monitoring the activities of staff and customers and preventing theft. FSR will help you see what is going on in your premises at all times so that nothing goes unnoticed. We provide professional installation and maintenance services for any type of surveillance system.

CCTV Systems Explained

CCTV stands for closed-circuit television. In contrast to cable or satellite TV where transmissions are aired to the general public, closed-circuit TV means that the transmission of video or media is limited to a set quantity of monitors or receivers.

So how does a CCTV system work? CCTV systems work by recording footage of the area that requires monitoring. This footage is then transmitted to a recording device and then displayed on a monitor for surveillance purposes. CCTV systems are made up of various components that seamlessly work together to capture footage of your home or business premises.

How long does CCTV footage last? This will depend on the CCTV system you have. In general, CCTV footage can last from one month to three months. You can also program your CCTV to automatically delete footage after a specific period has passed.

Advantages of Installing CCTV Systems in Your Wiltshire Premises

Here’s how installing CCTV systems in your Wiltshire premises can safeguard you and your valuables along with other benefits.

1. Helps you monitor all of your entry points

CCTV systems allow you to always keep an eye on your doors and windows. They serve as an added layer of protection and security to critical entry points.

2. Serves as a visible deterrent against possible crimes

Numerous cameras mounted on your property can act as a deterrent against possible criminals. CCTVs installed on your gates or fences can help deter acts of vandalism or burglaries. Meanwhile, by placing surveillance cameras in high-risk areas, a business can protect its valuables or inventory from theft and shoplifting.

3. Lets you keep a close eye on your perimeter anytime, anywhere

CCTVs with remote surveillance capabilities enable you to watch over your premises either from the comfort of your home or office or even while you are away. Aside from providing convenience, CCTV systems also offer peace of mind.

4. Enhances visitor management

Whether used for home or business security purposes, surveillance cameras aid in visitor management. Homeowners can use CCTVs to identify their visitors. Some CCTV systems even allow for two-way communication. For businesses, visitor management is made more convenient with CCTVs. Paired with technology such as access control, CCTVs help monitor visitor access with more ease.

5. Aids in criminal identification

Surveillance cameras, particularly those with high resolution, capture footage that can be essential for later use. This includes footage that can help in detecting criminal activity and identifying suspects.

6. Allows for safety monitoring

Installing CCTVs lets you comprehensively monitor a wide area of your premises. It gives you a better overall view of your residence or your business operations. This makes it easier for you to identify safety concerns or hazards that need addressing. CCTVs, along with alarm systems, also alert you if there are any emergencies.

7. Monitors performance of employees

Another benefit of CCTVs is that businesses can use them to monitor employee performance or behaviour. This can help deter misconduct among employees and encourage positive behaviour.

8. Increases productivity

CCTVs can also play a role in workplace productivity. They can help promote better time management and productivity among employees. In the long run, this can improve the efficiency of a business’s operations.

9. Helps with insurance

Aside from safeguarding your business’s assets and other valuables, CCTVs can also protect you from false liability claims. Additionally, it is possible for property owners with high-quality surveillance systems installed to get a discount on their insurance premiums.

10. Improves customer service

For businesses, CCTVs can help improve their overall customer service. Surveillance cameras allow you to track customer traffic flow and find ways in improving the layout of your establishment to better serve customers. CCTVs also enhance customers’ perception of an establishment, as surveillance systems can indicate that safety and security are being prioritised by the business.

Features to Look for in a CCTV

Camera quality and lens

Consider CCTVs with high resolution to get quality footage. Also, choose camera lenses that give you more coverage, so you can monitor wider areas.

Remote monitoring capabilities

CCTVs with remote access capabilities enable you to see what your cameras are capturing in real-time through a device or your mobile phone. This provides convenience in monitoring your home or business premises even if you’re somewhere else. Remote control access allows you to operate your cameras, such as activating and deactivating them, panning, tilting and zooming.

Motion detection

Motion-activated surveillance cameras only operate when triggered by motion. An advantage of getting this type of camera is it saves time. Since it only activates and records once it detects motion, you will not have to go through endless footage to find what you’re looking for. It also saves precious storage space.

Day and night settings

Different camera settings are needed for different times of the day. Cameras with day and night modes ensure that you capture optimal footage regardless of whether it’s dark out or not.

PTZ functionality

The advantage that cameras with panning, tilting and zooming capabilities have over fixed surveillance systems is that they can cover wider areas. Through remote access, you can control PTZ cameras to better scan certain areas in your premises.


Last but not the least, consider the durability of the CCTVs. Look for features such as weatherproofing and dust-proofing so that your cameras are protected from the elements.

Professional Installation of CCTV Systems

Are you looking for security companies in Wiltshire that can help you install a CCTV system? FSR provides both CCTV installation and maintenance services. Our team can help you pick out the surveillance system that’s best for your residence or business.

Learn how FSR can help you upgrade your security, and contact us today by calling 07446 875 664 or emailing

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