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How to Install Security Cameras For Your Home or Business

Safety and security is an integral part of any home or commercial enterprise. Knowing that their family, property or business assets are safe puts the homeowner or business owner’s mind at ease.

Advancement in the world of technology has definitely come a long way, especially when it comes to security cameras. There are many options for security cameras.

  • Traditional – It is the most affordable option. If you have an existing home security system, it can be easily integrated. The main disadvantage of this type of security camera is its limited vantage point.
  • Infrared – It is otherwise known as IR security camera. This camera system is capable of capturing videos or images in areas with little or no light. It can only capture black and white images and it may be hard to identify perpetrators using it. Because of its advanced technology, the camera system could be quite expensive.
  • Internet Protocol – It is also known as IP camera. It is a wireless type of camera which gives you remote access by using the internet. Just like the IR camera, IP cameras are expensive. It can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Motion Sensor – This type of camera will only start recording if it detects motion, enabling you to save data space and energy.
  • Dome – This is the commonly used type of camera in residences and business establishments. It has a wide vantage point. It can capture clear images and videos. It is available in varying sizes.

Now that you are aware of the different types of security cameras, let’s take a look at the benefits that they can offer.

  • Instant notifications. This is made possible by the invention of wireless security systems. The camera system can be connected to the internet and allow you to monitor recordings through a smart device. The slightest trigger can activate the alert system and inform the homeowner, business owner or security agency, allowing no time to be wasted.
  • Wireless Capability. Although conventional security cameras are still available, a lot of people prefer the convenience of using wireless cameras because it lets you monitor your property without the hassle of using phones or power lines. This is made possible with the use of mobile phone frequencies and batteries that can last for 3 to 5 years. So even if there is a power outage, the wireless security cameras will still be functioning.
  • Domotics. It is otherwise known as home automation. This system allows you to automate security features in your home such as locking of doors, switching of lights on or off, or activation of security while you’re at home or away from home. By using the camera which is integrated to the home automation system, you don’t have to personally check your doors at night if they are locked.
  • Interactive Surveillance. Since most security cameras are connected to the internet nowadays, you can enjoy remote monitoring anytime and anywhere. You can watch live feeds from different areas of your home or business establishment, examine prospective troublesome situations or just watch your kids arrive safely from school!
  • Home Insurance. Insurance companies can offer incentives when you take added measures to secure your property like fire detectors, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and security cameras, allowing you to save money on home insurance premiums.

Which security camera is the best?  

The best security camera that you will ever have is the type that you can afford and the type that will provide solutions to your needs but as a rough guide, here are the things that you should consider.

  • Reliability. It is best to use security cameras that are made by reliable companies and trusted by security agencies or CCTV installers. Some of the best security systems in the world are offered by Honeywell, Pyronix, Hikvision, Texecom, Menvier, Scantronic, and Aritech.
  • Remote accessibility. Choose a system that will allow you to view your CCTV cameras from your tablet or phone.
  • Reasonable price. Whether the security camera is high-end or inexpensive, choose the one that will give the best value for your money.
  • Customer service. Choose a security camera from a company with a dependable customer service. In case you need assistance in setting it up or troubleshooting it, you can always call and speak to their specialists

Are 4K security cameras worth it?   

In general, the higher the camera resolution, the higher the image quality. 4K security cameras are capable of providing you with vivid images which is very useful in monitoring a huge area and identifying vehicle licence plates or faces of property perpetrators.

Although the image quality is superior, 4K security cameras require more file storage capability and bandwidth. Some 4K security cameras have improved video compression technology to reduce file storage consumption, so this is a good option to consider.

How to install security camera wiring

If you prefer to install security camera wiring on your own, just follow the instructions that come with the security camera. Most of these systems were made to be as easy as possible.

  • After purchasing the right package, you can mount the camera in an area of your house or business establishment that needs more monitoring like the front and back doors, windows near the street, common spaces where a lot of people congregate, driveways and porches, stairways, and stock rooms.
  • Attach the power source to your camera.
  • Attach your camera to your digital video recorder or DVR.
  • Start linking your cameras to your smart gadget (phone, tablet, or laptop).
  • Use a separate monitor or existing laptop and attach it to your DVR to watch the images live. This will also serve as your surveillance hub if you have more than one camera to monitor. You can use Siamese cables (it has two cables: one for power and the other for video) to connect them effectively.
  • Use a power box to supply power to multiple cameras.
  • Attach a separate video cable to a slot in the DVR port.
  • Run your wires and cables through the walls, under the carpet, or through open spaces (like the attic) in your property. 

If you are not comfortable drilling into your walls and installing the wires yourself, you can always contact FSR Security, one of the leading CCTV experts in Swindon and surrounding areas! 

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