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How to keep safe during the winter months

How to keep safe during the winter months

In the winter months, the sun sets earlier, meaning the darkness stretches on for much longer. As a result, crime usually spikes during winter. Here are some tips to keep your home safe and secure during this time!

Keep everything locked up

When you’re not home, be sure to lock up all the doors and windows as these serve as the easiest places for burglars to enter your house. For extra security, lock away your valuable items – you may want to invest in a safe for expensive jewellery and cash, as these are the things most targeted by burglars. Lock up day and night!

Don’t hide your keys

Many people leave a spare key under the mat or other location just in cause they get locked out – but you should avoid doing this! Burglars may check under your mat for a key and you don’t want to give them easy access to your home. 

Light up

Keep your lights on inside even when you aren’t home – this can give the illusion that there is someone home and can deter burglars. However, if you want to opt for a more energy-efficient approach then you can invest in some time-switch lights, which will be set to come on and off when you need them to. It’s also a good idea to keep your entryways well lit to deter burglars. 

Tidy your garden

Burglars can use hedges and shrubs to hide behind in the dark, and it would be easier to not be caught if the hedges are big and unruly too! Keep your garden neat and tidy and be sure to trim back shrubs and clear any other places burglars could use to hide. 

Get a security system

Invest in some security cameras and a burglar alarm for extra security. Many cameras can be linked to your smartphone or tablet so you can view the live camera feed from anywhere – so you’ll always know what’s happening even when you aren’t home! If you want to make your home more secure this winter, then contact us at FSR. We can kit you out with CCTV and intruder alarms so you’ll be able to have peace of mind!

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