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Intruder Alarms – everything you need to know.

Intruder alarms are an essential part of keeping your property safe. Not only does a security alarm provide a potential deterrent to an opportunistic burglar, but some home insurance providers may even reduce their premium if the property is protected. 
But which alarm system is right for your property and the level of security you require?

Bells only or dialer alarm

It’s important to consider what you want to happen once your alarm is triggered by an intruder. 
A bells only alarm relies on a neighbour to contact you if it goes off. But you need to consider what happens if they are out. 
A dialler alarm on the other hand will automatically dial a nominated number should the alarm be triggered.
A third option is a monitoring contract where a monthly fee is paid to a third party who monitor the alarm and take appropriate action, contact a nominated keyholder or call the police on your behalf.

Wired or wireless

Alarm systems can be wired or wireless and there are pros and cons to each. Wireless alarms are more flexible in regard to positioning and are easy to install. However they are more expensive than a traditional wired system, and require regular battery changes to ensure they remain in full working order. 
Wired systems are cheaper to buy but more expensive to install and to ensure all the wires are invisible means installation is potentially more complicated.  

Smart system

The newest form of alarm system is the smart home-security system which is monitored through your smart phone enabling you full control of your home security from anywhere in the world, including controlling security lighting and door locks.

These are expensive to buy and require a specialist fitter but ensure you are kept up to date with everything happening in your home when you are not there.  
To discuss your intruder alarm requirements give a member of the FSR Security team a call and we will guarantee you a safer home. 

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