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Professional Home Security

Nowadays, do you consider locking your doors, closing your windows and relying on your dog enough to keep you safe? Probably not. Professional home security systems were designed with these issues in mind. They are intended to protect you and your loved ones, including your much loved pets, from fire, burglary and even flooding.

Going for home security solutions is an easy decision to make but let’s face it, choosing which system is perfect for you and your loved ones is a complicated matter. To help you decide what systems will fit your specific needs, let us take a closer look at the things that you should consider in a security system.

Home Security Alarm Systems UK

Deter crooks before the crime. Burglars and thieves are very good at spotting which homes have home alarm systems or not. If you have already installed one, you can be assured that it won’t go unnoticed. In some studies, it is found out that the incidences of break-ins fell dramatically in homes installed with alarm systems and this benefit also extended to the entire neighbourhood. This means that installing an alarm system at home will not only deter crooks from breaking into your home, it will also keep them from breaking into your neighbour’s house too!

Keep your home safe even if you are not there. Professional home security systems enable homeowners to also monitor their homes no matter where they are in the world. So, you can always keep an eye on your property, belongings and loved ones even if you are at work on a holiday. However, this doesn’t mean that crime will no longer occur and even if it does, you can report it to the authorities right away, increasing the chances of the crooks getting caught.

Get a better deal on insurance premiums. If you want to lower your insurance premiums, installing a home security system will come in handy as insurers will consider your property low risk. In return, they will lower your annual premiums, which makes your alarm systems a practical and economical investment.

Give yourself peace of mind. If you install home security systems, you are actually investing in a valuable thing: your peace of mind. Although we can never ever reduce our risk of becoming crime victims to zero, we can all take easy and feasible measures to lower that risk, protect ourselves, our family and our property. If you want to decrease your chances of becoming a victim, start investing in a professional home security system as soon as possible. It will help you sleep better at night so it’s worth it!

Smart Home CCTV

Catch the crook and recover any stolen items. After installing an alarm system, your chances of catching a thief is statistically higher. If burglars break into your home, any CCTV will come in handy in figuring out which of your belongings have been stolen. The chances of recovering lost items will also increase if images are caught on camera.

CCTV helps you manage your surveillance easily. Home security systems give you easy access to surveillance footage. For instance, if you will install motion detection CCTV around your property, you will limit the amount of unnecessary footage you’ll record and you will no longer look through hours of footage to find the images that you need.

Aside from reducing the need to record all footage, CCTV footage can also be accessed in other ways. For instance, you can record footage on a hard drive within a DVR or NVR and watch it through your smartphone, TV, tablet or laptop. From your smart device, you can check out your property surveillance even if you are not at home and receive alerts whenever the motion detection camera starts recording footage.

Consolidate your technology to enhance your home security. In order to make the most out of your home security system, you can include other aspects of your smart home. For instance, you can link up your lighting systems. In the event that the motion caption camera is triggered, you can program your external floodlights to turn on. Aside from deterring the burglars from breaking into your home, the lights will help give you clearer footage of the burglar’s face and what they are doing at that time. You can also do the same with your alarm system. The sirens can turn on if any movement is sensed by the CCTV camera.

Burglar Alarm or CCTV

Not all properties are the same so naturally, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to home security. A lot of people may think that burglar alarms are just noise that can be turned off. However, their function and efficiency can be increased if they are monitored and installed strategically. For instance, if the alarm is activated, the monitoring staff can check out the issue from the CCTV and figure out if it is necessary to call the authorities or just take a closer look at the issue closer themselves. A combination of the CCTV and burglar alarm is great for town and rural areas or where the property is enclosed.

Motion Detection CCTV Systems   

There are many reasons why you should consider a motion detection camera. First, they can offer you better protection. Non-motion cameras will record footage even if nothing is happening. Motion detection cameras, on the other hand, will start recording a video as soon as movement is sensed. So instead of overwhelming your storage drive with useless footage, the CCTV will provide images when it matters the most. On top of that, you can get alerts on your smart device whenever the motion detection camera is triggered, so you can easily monitor your property even if you are away. This makes the motion detection camera more reliable than the non-motion type.

The Best Home CCTV Cameras

There are only a few pointers you need to know about choosing the right CCTV systems for your home. First, you need to make sure it is capable of capturing video surveillance, giving you sufficient coverage around your property and giving you good footage resolution. Aside from that, it would also be great if the system is easy to use and has a video management system that can record and store all footage.

If you need expert advice about your home security, please get in touch with FSR at 01793 936 904, 07446 875 664 or today!


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