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4 Reasons To Install Security Doors

When most people think of security for their home, they think of alarm systems, fences, even a guard dog. An easily overlooked, yet extremely effective, way to deter a burglar from entering your home is to install security doors. Most thieves will seek out an easy target, so by making the point of entry more difficult to get past, you diminish the odds of a successful burglary.

If you want to make sure that your family’s home is safe and secure, then installing an internal security gate is a great idea. Likewise, they are perfect for anyone who is dealing with a drafty home or wants to insulate their home better against noise. Whatever you’re after, there are 4 reasons why security doors are the perfect choice for your home and office.

Unlike standard doors, security doors are distinctly more durable

A security door is typically made of steel or aluminium and has greater durability and strength than a regular door. Material such as these is stronger and has other advantages besides making your house less vulnerable to burglary.

Over time, a regular door may begin showing signs of ageing and might not withstand harsh elements. Nevertheless, a security door of high quality will last as long as your house. Depending on how it is painted, it may require a fresh coat after a while, but it won’t show signs of weathering and deterioration to the level that a standard door may.

In addition to this, should repairs and adjustments be needed it is easier to implement the changes given that steel and aluminium fixtures are ready to use items. There is no need to custom fit putting additional fees to it. Not to mention that with proper care and maintenance, these doors can last a lifetime given their sturdiness. Individuals looking for a wise investment would surely see this as a necessary one given the peak of crime rates and increasing insecurity.

Make sure the property is secured

The front door is often assumed to be the only entry point requiring enhanced security when it comes to security doors.  The installation of a single or double security door at the entry point of your patio enclosure or back porch is recommended if you have one.

Burglars don’t always target your front door; they’ll look for any openings or weaknesses, such as a partially opened window. Make it harder for them to get into your house through secondary entries by installing mesh or a safety screen. This will make it harder for them to get in at every point of entry to your home.

There is also an option to put additional security measures in these security doors. Alarms, sensors and other advanced security features such as biometrics and artificial intelligence can be included. These can be good additional security which companies and homes can consider during the holidays when there is no one around the property. Once breakouts happen, police, the neighbourhood and other security details can be notified immediately making it possible to provide the necessary response to the breach. These features do not come with security doors, but they can be added to provide more confidence whenever wherever you are.

Enclosures for patios can enhance privacy

When you install a security door on your back porch or patio enclosure, you will receive additional benefits like increased privacy, insect and pest control, climate control, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your house is protected front, back, and from all directions.

There are a variety of security door types to choose from, but not every security door needs to be solid; they should suit the context and purpose of the various rooms in your home.

Add value to your home

In addition to matching the aesthetics of your house, a security door will increase its value. Investing in your home’s security and appearance will ensure you don’t need to replace your doors for the lifetime of the home, thereby increasing the value of your home. Should you decide to move to a better house, it would not be difficult for you to sell your house, refurbish it and offer it to interested buyers. Buyers would always keep in mind the safety of the neighbourhood. If they deem the location to be safe and free from break-ins it is much easier to sell it to other owners. Hence, you should be especially vigilant if you live in a neighbourhood where break-ins are more common.

Quality security doors

Security doors should be chosen carefully, especially for outdoor patio enclosures or other places with easy access. The door should be able to resist attempts at breaking in.

To ensure maximum security, you should choose a door that has been tested to withstand at least five different types of break-ins, such as knife shears, jimmy tests, pull tests, probe resistance, and dynamic impacts. By doing this, you’ll keep your home safe from the most commonly used methods for break-ins. The quality control of FSR security products exceeds local and international standards and the company offers a long warranty.

The most popular method for getting into a house is by picking the lock on the door, even though it may seem like the easiest method. To prevent your home from being broken into by a security door or not, you should make sure that the lock you buy is the strongest you can afford.


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