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Stay Safe at Home

Between 2002/03 and 2018/19, there has been a clear trend of declining burglary offences, with the peak in 2002/03 at almost 950 thousand offences and 402 thousand in 2019/2020.  There are many factors which have contributed to the reasons why, but there is no denying the advancement of home security has played a major role with home alarms and CCTV becoming more and more commonplace.  In this article, we will focus on CCTV.

What should I consider for CCTV?

Installing a home CCTV system comes with a lot of perks. Primarily, it can help deter crime and, should the worst case happen, it can provide video evidence that will aid police investigation. Additionally, they are full of security features such as motion detection, sound and video recording, real-time alerts sent to your smartphone, a two-way talk function, floodlight activation and built-in sirens. On top of that, CCTV systems are no longer expensive to buy, install and maintain.

Some things to consider:

  • Where will you install CCTV cameras – indoors or outdoors or both
  • If possible, go for models with high camera resolution in order to capture sharper videos and images
  • In addition, find a CCTV system that can sync with your smartphone so that you can easily access the various functionalities of your security system even if you are not at home. Doing so would mean you can watch a live stream of your CCTV over your phone anytime, anywhere

Outdoor Wireless CCTV Camera System

Outdoor cameras come with many benefits that should warrant your attention. Due to its ease of installation and use, as well as its unprecedented affordability, outdoor wireless CCTV has never been more capable of keeping your home safe from intruders and thieves. Primarily, it acts as a great deterrent – burglars are less likely to attempt a break in if they can see visible cameras and security features around the house.  If the worst does happen, you can use the video evidence in assisting the police with their investigation and video evidence is particularly useful to validate your insurance claims. And that’s before you consider that installing a security system in your home can give you awesome discounts on your insurance premiums, helping you save money and keep your home safer.

CCTV for Inside Home

A lot of people have the mistaken belief that CCTV cameras are only suitable for use outdoors. This is far from the truth as internal security cameras are generally able to produce a higher quality image, track the route of the burglars travelled your property, help the authorities in tracking where evidence may be left behind and potentially provide a full facial view so help the police identify the perpetrators. The only disadvantage of indoor cameras is they are not visually deterring for burglars as they can only see once they have made it into the property.

Where to Position CCTV Cameras

  • Back and side doors. Any entrance to your property, no matter how small it is, is always a potential channel for crooks to gain access. If possible, install security cameras in the back and side doors as these are all considered vulnerable spots in your home. French doors and patios are especially prone to break-ins so installing security cameras provides an extra layer of security at the weakest points of entry.
  • Garden. A shed filled with bikes, toys for your kids, garden machinery and tools are high ticket items for thieves. So that your family, property and belongings will stay safe, install a few strategically placed CCTVs and floodlights to cover the garden and any sheds/storage. The presence of such security measures will deter would-be thieves from breaking in to begin with.
  • Front door. This is the main route that crooks usually break into, with the majority of break-ins happening through this entrance. So that the CCTV camera cannot be tampered with or disarmed by launching items onto it, consider installing your cameras at the second level of your property or fit a wire cage to protect it.
  • Garage. A lot of people don’t think much about their garage but this is another common channel that crooks use to gain easy access to your property. Whether it contains your  vehicle, valuable equipment, or has an internal door direct entry into your home, it is important to protect this route into your home. You can install security cameras and let them face the garage or driveway so you can easily notice any signs of unusual activity. If you’ve got extra cameras, you can install them inside the garage at an angle where the light from the opened door can be picked up by the camera.
  • Off-street windows. Windows that are far from the main road is an attractive channel for thieves or burglars to break in. Aside from installing security cameras in these areas, add a layer of security by always keeping them closed or locked whenever you are out of the house.

Smart Home Security

The great thing about smart home security is you can manage all of your home devices from a single place. You can control all the smart devices in your home by using an interface that can control all of them. This is convenience at its finest. In theory, all you need to do is familiarise yourself on how to navigate and use the app and smart device where it is installed and you’ll be able to tap the countless features, functions and devices scattered throughout your home. This is a truly easy way to access the numerous functionalities that you want working in your home.

As well as gaining access to smart devices in your home, you can use the smart home network to optimise your home security systems. You can increase the percentage of safety and security of your home by installing motion detectors, automated door locks, CCTV cameras and other smart security measures available in the market today. Just like the other functionalities, you can activate and access them on your mobile device even if you’re not at home. So that you can go to bed in peace or go to work and be at ease because your family is safe at home, all you need to do is activate the motion sensors, door locks and surveillance systems to alert you every time there is a suspicious movement or activity within your property.

If you need expert advice about your home security, please get in touch with FSR at 01793 936 904, 07446 875 664 or today!

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