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Stay Safe at Home

Whether you are working from home or often away from home because of work, protecting your family is one of the most important things you need to consider in keeping your family safe. More than often, homeowners are not aware of the benefits that a home security system can offer to them. 

If you are still having second thoughts about installing one in your own home, do a bit of research and make the decision as fast as you can: delaying your decision could put your family at risk, from an intruder. This is not the kind of wake up call you and your family would want to experience and, if possible, don’t leave this decision too late. 

Best Home Security System UK    

We all want peace of mind and security in our homes and this is what a home security system can offer to you, your loved ones and your property. Statistics have shown that there has been a decrease in the number of property crimes due to the installation of these security systems, proving their efficacy in deterring burglars. Aside from fulfilling your instinct to protect the people and the things we love, modern security systems can also serve as a hub for smart home systems which add convenience in your everyday living and savings in energy usage.

Today, let us take a closer look at the advantages of using a home security system.

  • Safeguard. The best home security is geared towards protecting your family and property from intrusion, burglary, fire and environmental catastrophes such as burst pipes. These systems operate constantly, whether you are aware of any potential problems or not. In cases of emergency, they can also serve as help. Although the cost of acquiring and installation of such devices do not come cheap, think about the damages that burglary may cost and the psychological impact it may leave on you and your loved ones. Peace of mind certainly is priceless!
  • Crime deterrent. The presence of obvious alarm system signs such as visible outdoor cameras, signs and stickers are often enough to deter a burglar from committing any potential crime. Studies have even shown 60% of break-ins are deterred by these security systems while 83% of burglars who saw any signs of alarms systems would give up their plans of committing a crime. 
  • Calmness and serenity. Knowing that your loved ones and property are monitored and kept safe can give you the peace of mind you truly need. Even if you are far away from home, you can check out your system and monitor your family and property by connecting your wireless security systems to the internet. 
  • Convenience and energy efficiency. Home security systems can now be tied up with your smart home systems, offering you home automation that gives you convenience and energy savings. For instance, your thermostat and lights can be connected to the internet and adjusted to save energy when activated while smart locks can be programmed and connected to your doors, including the garage door, to allow your family, friends or visitors inside your home even if you’re not there. 
  • Cut down on home insurance premiums. You may not know it but some home insurance companies offer excellent discounts for properties with home security systems. The premium discounts are meant for properties with monitoring and detection systems for smoke, fire, intrusion or water damage.  Although the discount does not cover the cost of installing these security systems, the discount you will accumulate will make the cost of insurance cheaper and reasonable in the long run. Aside from that, if you have security cameras installed all over your property, the video footage can be used to help you file for insurance claims. 

Home Security Solutions    

Do you know what burglars usually look for? They usually go for residential areas that are quiet, private and filled with big gardens. Aside from that, they also look for areas with little to no lighting, bushes that can cover their actions, windows or doors that are left unlocked and ladders that are placed at the back of the property, giving them the opportunity to climb up and reach inside your home. This should not be the case for your home. Take action now and reduce the risk of burglary from happening to you. Implement some preventative measures that will protect you, your family and property from harm. 

By now, you already know the benefits of installing home security solutions but we will not grow tired of promoting their numerous advantages. Aside from keeping your family and property safe, it can give you peace of mind, knowing that they are monitored constantly even if you are away from home. It is also a great deterrent for potential intruders and burglars. Even if they manage to get inside your property, the sound of the alarm will help to discourage them from staying inside too long and giving them less time to steal your valuables.  

Home Alarm

A reliable home alarm system doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, some of them are so simple that you can install it yourself. This is a local alarm system which can activate a siren within your premises, alerting your neighbours and the police in case of emergency. 

If you prefer the highest level of security that money can buy, you can invest in monitored home alarm systems. In cases of emergencies, the system will alert the monitoring station and a dispatcher will determine the cause of alarm and respond as soon as possible. 

Wireless Home CCTV Systems    


If you prefer a no-fuss system, you can go for the wireless systems that are very easy to install. Wireless home CCTV systems would often only require connection to the internet. As soon as you purchase the CCTV, all you need to do is follow the instructions and you’ll be good to go in less than an hour. These systems are great for those who are on a budget or those who constantly move from one place to another (such as renters). 


Home Monitoring Cameras

If you are looking for the best possible security cameras for your home, you need to know what features you should be looking for. Primarily, you need to decide whether your home monitoring camera can be activated when there is a trigger, such a movement, or you need it to record videos continuously. The footage that is saved can be stored in the camera system itself or within a cloud-based server which you can access anytime. If you choose to go for cameras that can be triggered by movement or motion, you can program your system to alert you on your smart device and send you footage of that event. 

If you are looking to protect your home, contact FSR Security for your bespoke security systems at great prices!

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