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Quick Tips for Safeguarding Your Office, Warehouse or Premises

It’s a sad truth that business break-ins happen all the time. As a result, your company could be putting itself at risk of theft, loss of data and even physical injury. For tips on how to safeguard your business against potential threats, see this article.

5 Tips for Warehouse, Premise or Office Safeguarding

1. Conduct a thorough risk assessment of your property

Begin by determining your property’s weakest points or vulnerabilities that unscrupulous individuals can take advantage of. Get acquainted with your premise’s layout, its various points of entry and exit, the security devices that you already have installed and any training protocols that you have in place. The more familiar you are with your office, premise or warehouse, the easier it would be to pinpoint which areas of your property need an added layer of security.

Make a checklist of potential risk factors, and go over them thoroughly. Survey your general work area and building design. Does the overall property look well-maintained? Maintenance of premises, making them appear orderly and well-cared for, conveys a sense of ownership and security. Consequently, this can act as a deterrent against theft, vandalism and other types of crimes.

Other areas to cover are accessibility and the valuables stored in your property. Do you have a list of individuals who are authorised to access your premises? Are any of your valuables in prominent view? Once you’ve got a good grasp of these factors, the next thing you can do is evaluate them against the safety protocols you already have. Determine gaps in your protocols, and strengthen them through physical or procedural security measures.

2. Make sure to properly secure your doors and windows

The doors and windows to your premises are your primary line of defence against break-ins and burglary. Ensure that your doors and windows are sufficiently equipped to serve as a good line of defence. Fortify your door by upgrading your locks, hinges and handles. Look for materials that are durable enough to withstand kicks and brute force. Steel and aluminium are sturdy, making them suitable for office or warehouse use. Consider installing premium-quality, commercial-grade locks that provide your premises with a boosted level of security. Monitoring your doors for wear and tear is also essential, so you can ensure their structural integrity and that they’re working as they should. Having durable doors and locks can slow down thieves from accessing your property and driving away your stock and high-value items.

For windows, on the other hand, checking their glass condition is key. Replace traditional glass windows, and use reinforced glass, such as tempered, laminate and bulletproof, for better security. Installing heavy-duty window grills or placing window bars are another way to secure your entrances and fortify your premises.

3. Maintain high visibility in and around your property

A good lighting system plays a critical role in keeping your office or warehouse secure from possible trespassers and thieves. Provide adequate lighting for both inside and outside your premises. Outside, make sure that the perimeter around your property is well-lit, especially in parking spaces and areas that lead to your entry points. The purpose of this is to deter any criminals from trying to enter your building. And if they do try to gain access to your building, you’ll be able to better identify them and their license plates because of proper lighting.

With the advancement of technology, there are also lighting systems that activate when they detect motion. By installing this type of lighting for your premises, you can leverage the element of surprise and catch an individual off guard to further deter them from carrying out criminal activities.

It’s also a good idea to trim hedges, bushes and trees on your property to eliminate spots where criminals can hide. Meanwhile, lighting for the inside of your office, warehouse or premise minimises the risk of accidents and gives your team better visibility to do their work.

4. Keep track of your keys and access points

Pay close attention to where all of the keys to your office or warehouse are located. Keep a log of who currently has a key as well as the specific dates of when they were handed and when they were returned.

Keys aren’t the only safety measure that allows you to facilitate access to your premises. Another security system that lets you strengthen how you protect your access points is by implementing access control solutions. Unlike just using keys, access control utilises the process of authentication. This lets you verify whether the person asking for permission to enter the premise or one part of the premise is truly authorised by you. This system lets you track individuals, such as when they entered or exited your premises and which parts they visited. Access control card readers enable you to monitor these pieces of information with ease.

5. Enhance alarm systems on your premises

Last but not the least, it’s vital to safeguard your warehouse, office or premise by making sure that you have the best possible alarm systems in place. There are various alarm systems available today that can cater to the different needs of a property owner.

Standard alarms are triggered through motion detectors and sensors for entry points such as windows and doors. Depending on the type of alarm system, an alarm will blare out, alerting not only people in the nearby area but also the intruder themselves. This sends a signal to them that they won’t have much time left until the authorities arrive at the building. This can deter them from taking off with your high-value items. In contrast, there are also alarm systems where the alarm is silent, notifying only the building owner and the authorities.

Alarm systems are typically paired with CCTV systems for better monitoring and increased security. High-quality video surveillance systems ensure that all activities outside or inside the property are properly monitored.

Strengthen your business’s external security and internal security by implementing effective security systems. If you find yourself thinking, “I need wireless cameras for my premises,” or if you need advice on how to fortify your property, contact FSR Security now. At FSR Security, we offer commercial security solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of your business.

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